Stages of Customer Life Cycle Marketing Geared Towards Business Growth Generation

Stages of Customer Life Cycle Marketing Geared Towards Business Growth Generation

Customer life marketing system refers to the overall procedure of monitoring the steps involved in the development of a client’s lifecycle. Customer life cycle marketing designates a metric to each of these steps, and assesses success based on such metrics. The purpose of this marketing system is to monitor the business progress and development that commence over a period of time, in comparison against average customer responses. The following are the stages of this marketing system: 

  • Reach 

The first stage in the customer life marketing system is being able to reach out to the customer. In the initial stage of the customer life cycle marketing, the customers search for your business as their needs to consume your products or services arise. This stage is crucial on your end, as your business tries to beat competitors into wooing your potential customers that your products or services are best that can satisfy their needs or wants, and not those of your competitors’. 

  • Acquisition 

In the second stage of the said marketing system, your business maintains interaction with your potential customers. Such an instance is the perfect time for your business to attend to your potential clients’ needs through different modes of customer life cycle marketing interactions (i.e. via interactions over the phone and email). In this stage of the marketing system, your business attends to the further queries and any other needs your potential customers may have. It’s critical your business shows willingness to accommodate customer service requests during the acquisition stage. 

  • Conversion 

This stage highlights the milestone your business has achieved-acquiring customers to purchase your products or services! A marketing automation agency, for example, could have easily be the medium of customer conversion in your business. Marketing automation may just well be a sub-component of the customer life marketing system. This marketing effort takes less time to complete, and, oftentimes, produce just as equally effective results as other types of marketing efforts. 

  • Retention 

In the fourth stage of the said marketing system, your business’ management sees your company officially make your audiences your clients. Continuously enforcing marketing automation initiatives may just as well aid in retaining more customers for your business. 

  • Loyalty 

During the last stage of the customer cycle marketing, the clients purchase more products or services from your business. Furthermore, at this stage, they may even post positive reviews and social media comments regarding your company online. Soon, they may recommend your company to their families and friends, too. 

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