Different Kinds of Commercial Solar Energy Solutions in Australia You Need

Different Kinds of Commercial Solar Energy Solutions in Australia You Need

Are you a business owner and eyeing the advantage of the solar energy system? The commercial solar energy solutions you need will depend on the kind of business you own. Location and revenue are to be taken into consideration when choosing the kind of commercial solar system for your business. Below are the different kinds of commercial solar systems you can choose from to suit your professional needs: 

  1. Rooftop Solar 

These commercial solar energy solutions are out of sight from your customers’ view. While situated on your rooftop, this solar system does its part in lowering your energy bills. The different kinds of rooftop solar are the following: 

  • Standard Roof Mount 

These commercial solar energy solutions are attached to the contours of your roof. Furthermore, they are mounted on your roof in fully-anchored and rail-based means. This kind of rooftop solar is excellent for pitched roofs and extraordinary rooftop sources of sustainable power. 

  • Single Tilt Flat Roof Mount 

This kind of rooftop solar is good for business spaces with an unlimited rooftop. Single tilt flat roof solar system in NSW mounts are what businesses need to increase their revenues. 

 2. Carport Solar 

Businesses with no rooftop, and have sizable parking lots need carport solars. Portable generators in Australia are examples of carport solar systems. Below are the other kinds of carport solar systems: 

  • Long Span Canopy 

This solar system is situated within two parallel rows of parking spaces in addition to the internal driving aisle space, having one progressive canopy. Long-span canopies are good for sizable parking spaces that get direct sunlight. 

  • Dual Tilt Canopy 

These canopies are situated in one row of parking spaces, having two sets of panels tilting at the bottom in the middle portion. Dual tilt canopies are excellent for moderately tinier parking spaces. These canopies accumulate snow, ice, and rain in the middle parts of their systems. 

  • Garage Top Canopy 

Garage top canopies are located in spaces of different construction types in which direct sunlight is obtained. These canopies are fitting for large parking garages. 

 3. Ground Solutions 

Ground solutions emit power for one’s own business and for sale to other establishments. In other words, ground solutions is another term for the utility-scale solar installer. The utility-scale solar installer is a sub-type of commercial solar system. 

If you’re unsure as to which commercial solar systems to have, consult a business consultant. Your consultant is the best professional who can present the pros and cons of utilizing commercial solar systems. An accountant can help you compute the approximate energy bills you’ll get from these solar systems. 

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