7 Tips to Follow if You’re Working with a Buyer’s Agent for the First Time

7 Tips to Follow if You’re Working with a Buyer’s Agent for the First Time

There are several advantages of working with a real estate professional for your first-ever property purchase — from knowing which property to buy to make sure all pertinent paperwork is accomplished. But as you tap the expertise of a Sydney buyers’ agent, you should also be mindful of some “rules” when working with such a professional. Here are seven tips you must follow and be familiar with.

1.Choose your agent wisely. First and foremost, you have to be careful about selecting the Sydney Buyers Agent you’re going to work with. Research, interview your top candidates, check their affiliations, and gauge your personal rapport with them. Bear in mind that a home purchase is a huge investment — you should be comfortable and confident with the agent who will help you score a fair deal.

2. Understand that they are commission-based. You should also know that a Sydney Buyers Agent is paid on a commission basis — they take a percent of the sale of the property. However, there are cases (though rare) wherein an agent asks for a flat rate. Always ask about how your agent charges their clients.

3. Set your expectations. For an agent to be effective in his or her service to you, you should make it a point that your needs and expectations are known. Be transparent and don’t hesitate to ask any queries.

4. Always be punctual. A golden rule when working with a buyer’s agent is observing punctuality. Understand that agents work with several clients at a time, so respecting their time will help them fulfill their jobs more efficiently.

5. Follow open house etiquette. There are areas wherein going to an open house alone is unacceptable behavior. This is why you should always consult with your agent about the open house etiquette being practiced in your area or in the area where the property you’re considering buying is located. Common protocols also include not directly asking about the seller’s motivation and not relaying personal information to the seller’s agent.

6. Never sign forms you don’t fully understand. From the broker’s agreement to agency disclosure, there are forms that need to be signed when working with Sydney’s top buyers’ agent. Make sure to thoroughly read them and comprehend them before signing any of them.

7. Be decisive. On your part, you should be able to make a stand and be firm about it. Are you really ready to buy it? Are you sure about which property you’re purchasing? Decisiveness is key in picking the right real estate for you.



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