3 Awesome Things That Will Make You Move to Blacktown!

3 Awesome Things That Will Make You Move to Blacktown!

With 395,000 people strong, Blacktown City in New South Wales is considered to be the largest Council in the state. Its land boasts close to 250 km of city space and supports a fast-growing community like no other. It’s no wonder that real estate agents in Blacktown are never running out of clients to sell properties to. Wikipedia calls it the “second most populous local government area in Sydney.

The City of Blacktown is an urban cusp linking the surrounding suburbs. In fact, it has its own little economy healthy enough to sustain the steady growth of businesses and services. The distance from Blacktown to Sydney clocks in at 34 minutes without traffic or 36.6 km via the M4 Motorway. By train, it’s 1 hour and 10 minutes from Blacktown Station to Sydney CBD. Properties for sale in Blacktown are now in demand, thanks to affordable housing and accessibility to transport which have brought many people to this place despite its distance from the NSW’s capital. But there’s more to this place than what some would usually expect. Here are three awesome things that will make you want to move into Blacktown!

Fun, Education and Recreation

One of the great things about Blacktown City is that it’s not your typical suburb. This is perhaps one place where you’ll never run out of places to go or things to do since there are over 317 park reserves and other recreation sites. Just check out the city’s website or ask a real estate agent in Blacktown! Some of the more popular attractions include Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park, Raging Waters Sydney Water Park, Sydney Indoor Motocross Dome, and Hoyts Blacktown which boasts a 3D XtremeScreen cinema! Blacktown is also home to Mitchell High School, one of the best schools in the area and possibly in Sydney.


Whether you’re looking for long term or rental properties in Blacktown, Sydneysiders will tell you that this is the place to stay for immigrants and those looking for a truly global community. Blacktown’s website takes pride in its diverse population of close to 400,000 people coming from 188 different countries and speaking over 182 different languages. As one of the most ethnically diverse cities in NSW, fitting in won’t be a problem because all walks of life are much welcome in this place.

Living Green

Blacktown is also taking an active role in promoting sustainable living. People today are now more conscious of the planet and how they are impacting it and so, a real estate agent in Blacktown will tell you that they are indeed taking the environment seriously. In fact, the city has its own Sustainability Hub in Grantham Heritage Park in Seven Hills. It’s open to the public and teaches horticultural skills, recycling, and more to its visitors. The local government also encourages the planting of more trees to serve as urban canopies which can greatly reduce heat on pavements.

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